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Tents are the primary candidates for the title of the Most Camping Thing. The only viable opponent that could challenge their supremacy is a campfire, but it’s not a piece of gear, so that would probably be a different category. It’s quite hard to overestimate the importance of a tent for camping. After all, that’s the only place where you can spend a night in at least some semblance of comfort while in the forest. Camping tents and shelters keep you protected from chilly wind, annoying insects, and other disturbers of the peace. They offer you a coveted respite after hours of hiking and are basically must-haves. Tents for camping come in many configurations, and you need to know your priorities to choose a suitable one.

Camping Tents

Tents vary in size and capacity. Some can hardly hold three people, while others are spacious enough for a whole family to sleep and rest in. If you need a tent that can house some ten people, you would need an inflammable one. We deal in pole tents that can’t house as many people, but nothing is stopping you from getting several of those. They take up much less space and don’t require any pumps to function. There are several 2, 3, and 4-person tents on this page, all packed with features that make your stay as comfortable as possible. For a tent, of course. In case you need to shelter a table of some gear bags, we can offer you a screen house. It’s spacious enough to house several people sitting at a table while keeping a view of the surroundings. 

Camping Shelters

Maybe you don’t want to share your sleeping spot with anyone or simply set off on a camping trip alone. You don’t need to bring a camping tent that is too spacious when there is a camping shelter that can meet your needs. It’s a one-person sleeping spot that is extremely lightweight and compact, easy to assemble and carry when packed.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can find several worthy camp tents for sale. We work with the industry leaders to bring you the best product possible. Eureka is known as a manufacturer of some of the best tents for camping, and Snugpak is an acclaimed producer of sleeping bags and shelters.


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