Winter Sports Clothes -

Winter Sports Clothes

Improper clothes can break your skiing or snowboarding adventure. But no worries, GRITR Outdoors has got you covered. We boast a great selection of specialized snow clothes and accommodate numerous trusted brands committed to building high-quality winter sportswear that doesn’t let you down. We offer hundreds of garments for men and women, from super-warm mittens and superior dexterity gloves to waterproof, abrasion-resistant ski bibs and snowboard jackets.

What should a first-time skier wear?

So you can start with what you already have to build the inner layer of your ski clothing. Over time, you can level up with ski outfits having performance features. Add a ski jacket, ski pants, quality gloves/mittens, and a hat, and you’re ready to go.

How to wash winter sports clothing?

Read the labels. Empty the pocket, close the zippers and Velcros,  and turn your snow jacket and pants or one-piece ski suit inside out. Do not add anything but a liquid household detergent. Select 86˚F and 800 rpm and apply a second rinse.

How to layer ski clothes?

Your ski wear needs three top-quality layers. The body-hugging inner layer wicks sweat, a fleece mid-layer keeps you warm (choose a thicker ski jacket for colder weather), and a waterproof outer shell protects against the elements.