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It might happen that one of your fishing rod components breaks down. Life happens, we all know that. But some components are more prone to breakage than others, and getting new ones each time would eventually tire you out. That’s where molds step in. Many anglers use molds to create components that are more likely to break. These molds are used to produce sinkers, jigs, and various other components that can enhance the angler's fishing experience. Different types of molds are used with different styles of fishing, saltwater or freshwater difference being one of the apparent examples. 

Fishing Sinker Molds

One popular type of mold used in fishing is the sinker mold. Sinkers are used to weigh down bait, allowing it to sink to the desired depth, and can be made in various shapes and sizes to suit different fishing styles. The most common types of sinker molds include round molds, egg molds, bank molds, and pyramid molds. Round molds are best suited for bottom fishing, while egg molds work well for drifting. Bank molds are ideal for shore fishing, and pyramid molds are perfect for use in strong currents.

Fishing Jig Molds

Jig molds are another type of mold used in the fishing industry, and their unique designs are used to create specific styles of lures. Casting molds, banana molds, round head molds, and shad dart molds are some popular varieties of jig molds used by anglers worldwide. Casting molds are best suited for freshwater fishing, while banana molds work well for saltwater applications. Roundhead molds are ideal for vertical jigging, and shad dart molds are perfect for ice fishing.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can acquire a wide variety of mold for sinkers and jigs. There are plenty of shapes to choose from for various styles of fishing. However you want your sinker or jig to look like, here you can find the mold that will do the trick. Do-it manufactures high-quality molds that passed the test of time. 


What are fishing sinker molds made of?

That depends majorly on the manufacturer. For example, Do-it makes molds from high-grade warp aluminum alloy.

Are lead sinkers toxic?

Lead is known for its poisonous potential, but only if people neglect safe handling rules. However, lead can also be toxic to the environment. There are alternatives to lead as a molding material, like steel, tin, and tungsten.

What are jigs used for fishing?

Jigs are used for so-called jigging, the style of fishing that involves actively attracting fish by performing rhythmic up-and-down movements with the jig. Deepwater fish are known to be especially attracted to jigs.

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