House Slippers -


A home is a place of safety and comfort. At least, it should be that way. The coziness and warmth of our abodes are secured by many things both big and small. Most people have at least one thing that gives them the feeling of being home. It can be a tiny carpet that rests in front of the hearth, a curtain that guards your weekend sleep against tactless sun rays, or a pair of slippers that greet your feet every morning. House slippers are our comfy portals into the realm of home, warmers of our feet, and also a fraction of our personality. Fluffy and bright or reserved and classy - like dogs, slippers do take after their owners. We‘ve gathered an extensive collection of slippers for women and men so that everyone could find something that reflects their personality while keeping their feet warm and cozy. 

Closed Slippers

Slippers are as different from each other as people. Those who prefer to have their feet embraced from all sides should take a look at closed slippers. They feature heel guards that prevent feet from sliding out, making sure that slippers stay right where they belong. We have a wide choice of closed slippers for men and women from such industry majors as Ariat, Acorn, and several others. 

Open-heel Slippers

Often distributed in expensive hotels, open-heel slippers can also become residents of your own home. They are usually made with a fabric upper layer that encloses the top of the foot, leaving the heel open. These are easy to slip into and out of, making them perfect for home footwear. Our selection of men’s and women’s slippers comprises products from such renowned brands as Haflinger and Lamo, as well as a number of less famous yet no less worthy manufacturers. 

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can find a varied selection of slippers for men and women. There is a pair of slippers for every taste and color, so the chances are you’ll find something that will pique your interest. 

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