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Riding Accessories

Our ancestors domesticated horses thousands of years ago. However, the basic tack (all leather equipment used in equine activities) and horseback riding gear were invented and came widely in use much later. Horse riders noticed that saddles provided comfort during hours of riding and prevented most falls, stirrups gave foot support and enhanced the rider’s stability, and horses were much easier to direct with bridles and bits. As horse riding was developing, there appeared lots of horse riding accessories that were less vital but increased the efficiency of horseback riding and horse care. Core equipment also was being upgraded.

Though today we ride horses for sport or pleasure, we want to equip ourselves and our steeds with the best horse riding gear, tack, and accessories. GRITR Outdoors is happy to supply the needs of passionate equestrians, offering everything from riding clothing and helmets to stirrups, hay nets, spurs, and grooming supplies.

Saddle Stirrups for Sale

Here, you’ll find stirrup leathers and irons in various designs. Stirrup leathers connect stirrup irons to the riding saddle and are commonly adjustable for different riding styles, rider height, and horse size. Basically, there are jumping and dressage stirrup leathers; the former are 54", and the latter are 60" standard. Though called stirrup leathers, modern designs are also made from synthetic materials or nylon-lined leather for more durability and less stretch.

The rule of thumb for stirrup iron is that they should be half an inch wider than your riding boots from both sides at the ball of the foot. There are traditional Fillis stirrups (stainless steel), quick-release irons with a break-away feature, and flexible composite irons. Shop for English and Western stirrups at our store.

Boot Spurs for Sale

There are several types of spurs. Today, Prince of Wales spurs with a flat end are the most popular design in English riding, while rowelled spurs (also called cowboy spurs) see most of their use in Western riding. Round-end spurs and knob-end spurs will be great for beginners. At our store, you’ll also find spur straps.

Other Horse Riding Supplies

At GRITR Outdoors, you’ll also find bridle racks, hay nets, saddle pads, saddle covers, horse hauling, seat savers, saddle carrying bags, grooming tools, and other equipment for riding a horse and taking care of it. Shop high-quality English riding supplies and Western riding equipment at GRITR Outdoors.