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Casual Moccasins

Moccasins are shoes with a really long history. The first prototypes of moccasins were made by the North American Indians to silently hunt. Then the racers wear such shoes so that their legs do not get tired during the races. 

Nowadays moccasins are casual shoes. They have the simplest design. The sidewalls and the soles are made of leather or suede. Due to this, the moccasins fit the leg perfectly. Mens and womens casual moccasins are usually worn barefoot. They go well with any summer wear: skirts, shirts, shorts, and light blazers.

Suede moccasins require the same care as any other suede shoes. You should regularly clean them with a rubber brush. It is better not to wear casual moccasins shoes in wet weather. However, you can use a protective spray. 

How to choose casual moccasin shoes?

If you are going to buy moccasins, then you need to consider the following:

  • Material. The shoes should be perforated. Such models are most comfortable to wear. 
  • Sole. It should be flexible and soft, which will exclude fatigue even after a long walk. Some models are made without a sole at all. It is replaced with spikes or special overlays.
  • Decor. The more formal the outfit is, the less decor there should be. 
  • Color. Moccasins should match your basic clothing.
  • Size. Moccasins are made of natural thin leather and suede. They fit perfectly on the leg, so choosing the right size is quite simple. 

Top-3 manufacturers of moccasin:

  • Twisted X.(Since 2005) has created comfortable shoes, where western styles are their main focus. No matter your everyday lifestyle, here you will find a wide selection of western-inspired moccasin.
  • Ariat was launched in 1993. It's an American footwear, apparel, and accessories brand. Their goal is to create high-quality footwear with up-to-date technology and innovations.
  • Lamo. The brand was founded in 1995. Their footwear provides a mix of warmth and comfort. Nowadays, Lamo offers a variety of shoes that meet all your needs. From casual moccasins to house footwear. 

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