Skis: Alpine, Cross-Country, and Others -


It’s hard to think of a more iconic piece of skiing equipment than the skis themselves. The whole sport is called after them, so they must be the key element of it, right? You can say so, though it’s a whole assembly of things that makes skiing possible. Skis come in many styles and variations. Some feature preinstalled bindings, while others are plain boards with a print. Gritr Outdoors presents to you our rich selection of skis produced by such brands as Head, Fischer, Nordica, and others.

How to wax skis?

If you are enthusiastic about the idea of ski waxing, you’ll need dedicated equipment for it. A set of ski vises and iron for melting wax are indispensable for these purposes. You’ll need to scrape and brush your skis before applying hot wax to them.

How many ski types are there?

About a dozen, give or take. The most popular styles are cross-country skis, downhill skis, all-mountain skis, telemark skis, freestyle skis, alpine touring skis, and freeride skis. They can also be classified according to their flex level and tail profile.

Rocker vs. Camber skis: what’s the difference?  

The center portion of the camber skis is raised when the ski is laid unweighted. Rocker skis, on the other hand, are banana-shaped, with the tip and tail raised when the ski rests on the ground. Both types have their benefits for different skiing styles.