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Gloves & Mittens

Gloves and mittens are not the first things that come to mind when thinking about sports accessories. However, many sports are simply undoable without a proper pair of sporting gloves. You don’t want to risk freezing your hands out in the cold, and some gloves provide the necessary friction for weight lifting. And who can even imagine baseball without catcher gloves? Useful accessories for some and vital pieces of gear for others, sports gloves are as much a part of your sports outfit as other pieces of clothing. On this page, you can find several types of sports gloves for all sorts of activities. 

Winter Gloves

If you value your hands at least a little bit, you won’t take a step outside your house without gloves on when winter is waiting outside. Rather a necessity than a luxury, winter sport gloves perform two important tasks at once. Firstly, they keep your hands warm and protect them from frostbites. Secondly, unlike regular winter gloves, they are designed for activities, which means you won’t feel uncomfortable when holding ski poles or other gear you use. The majority of them are also waterproof so you can touch snow without fearing to get them wet. Those that cannot boast this quality are made from quick-drying materials. If you find yourself in tougher conditions with extreme cold actively trying to turn you into an icicle, mitten will come to your help. They are excellent in terms of retaining heat, beaten only by gloves with heating elements. 

Training Gloves

Gym gloves are usually made of leather, polyester, or neoprene. Their palms are surfaces of increased friction that prevent sports equipment from slipping. They protect your hands from calluses and injuries common for regular workouts. Moreover, since all sports equipment in gyms is shared they reduce your chances of getting occasional skin diseases. 

Baseball Gloves

Arguably the main symbol of baseball (fighting for the first place with a bat), baseball gloves deserve to be made only from high-quality leather. Many are still passed from parents to children or from elder siblings to younger ones as heirlooms. What makes for a perfect baseball glove? Quality leather and reliable, thick seams. You can also use these gloves for softball. Make sure to choose the right size based on the manufacturer's baseball and softball glove size chart. Some of the men's softball gloves boast adjustable sizes. Such models aren't the best choice for professional players, but they might be comfortable for a child. These gloves are not ambidextrous, so pay attention to the hand choice when buying.

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