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Bear Hunting Gear

If you’ve set your mind to trying bear hunting and want to challenge the king of the forest himself, you cannot go without getting a full set of bear hunting gear. However, if we talk about such a stately yet dangerous creature, it’s easy to forget who’s hunting whom. Ideally, it won’t take more than one precise shot for a humane kill. To place a shot correctly, you need to be proficient with your weapon of choice, know your effective range and understand the bear’s anatomy. But sometimes, things are not going the way you anticipated. Sometimes, your aim fails you and the bear becomes wounded. Sometimes, it starts running in your direction. And it’s hard to come up with a less suitable situation to find out that they are really fast for someone of their stature. That’s why not one self-respecting bear hunter (who also wants to live) will set foot on this path without bear protection.

This subcategory is helpful for not only bear hunters but also for those who prefer to enter the forest prepared instead of relying on chance to fend off the bears. You might not even know that you plan to camp in a bear’s habitat, not that bears care. Even though the chances of a bear coming across your camp are not high at all, there is not much pleasure in hearing a bear rummaging through your things. They take your food, slightly increase the chances of developing a habit of scavenging campsites and get away with it. That’s a win for bears and a loss for campers. If you are not ok with this deal, you might find this page helpful.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can buy goods that will help you survive the confrontation with a bear. If you are looking for an effective bear repellent, we have several options. Different variations of UDAP bear spray will stop a charging bear, affecting its eyes, nose, and lung tissue. The formula is non-lethal so don’t fear killing it accidentally. We also have clothing and equipment with special compartments for bear spray carry from such brands as Sitka and Beretta.  

To keep your belongings safe from curious but unwelcomed snounts, we offer bear-proof containers. In case you got piles of food you cannot take with you in your RV or a tent, take a look at bear-resistant food containers.

To keep your premises bear-free, we have a portable bear electric fence that you can use to barrier camping grounds off (in case bear sprays feel like not enough). With this set of protective equipment, no Ursa Minor or Major will disturb your peace.