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Just like their magical relatives from the mysterious lands of Equestria, horses are adorable and majestic. For millennia they have been accompanying humans in all their endeavors. The domestication of horses has influenced the course of history, as it allowed humanity to discover new crafts and contributed to the further development of farming and warfare. 

If you cannot but feel fascinated every time you see a horse, you will probably find equestrianism a very enjoyable activity. There is nothing like feeling the bond between the rider and the steed growing stronger, facing the wind, and riding towards your destiny. It’s hard to ride horses without any additional gear: they cannot read your thoughts and you need a way to communicate your intentions to them. But fear not, we have equipment both for you and your hoofed friend. 

Horse Equipment  

It takes one person to ride a horse, it takes two to share this breathtaking experience, the second one being your humble steed of course. Equestrianism is very different from other sports because here you have to deal with an actual living creature with its own character and fears. Respectful communication is the key to mastering this art. Treat your horse as an equal, and it will do the same. 

Horse equipment, also known as horse tack, includes items like bridles, reins, bits, halters, and saddle pads.

Horse bridles are your main means to direct a horse. They are what you see on the heads of all riding stallions. The bridle consists of a headstall that fits over the head and supports other elements, a rein, and a bit.

Horse reins are long straps, usually made of leather, used to give subtle commands and cues to your steed. This is also the part the rider is holding on to. With reins, you can give your horse a signal to turn, lower the speed, or halt. 

Reins are attached to bits. The horse bit is a piece that fits inside the horse’s mouth. It’s not as uncomfortable as it seems, for bits rest on the bars, the region between the incisors and molars where there are no teeth. Bits are the component that applies pressure on the horse’s mouth and reinforces other signals.

The horse halter is a similar piece of equipment, with the only difference being the lack of the bit. This difference makes halters less suitable for riding, as they offer an insufficient level of control. They are still great for mundane leading and tying.

Horses are not the only ones who need gear. The horse racing equipment also includes rider apparel. Riding horse helmets are the essential part of your equestrian suit, as they protect your head in case of an unexpected dismount. Getting a well-suited pair of field boots is also important, as nothing will bring you less joy than an accidentally lost boot.

Friendship is Magic. And the best way to become friends with your horse is to take care of it. Here, on Gritr Outdoors, we offer you hundreds of horse riding gear items. Be it rider apparel or equestrian equipment, we can meet your every need.