Ski Boots -

Ski Boots

Many people consider skis to be the most important piece of skiing equipment. That's not entirely inaccurate, but ski boots play a more crucial role. The interface between ski boots and bindings is the factor that determines the safety of the whole setup and the extent of your performance. Gritr Outdoors has a vast selection of men's and women's ski boots for different styles of skiing. Be it cross-country ski boots or alpine touring ski boots produced by brands like Nordica, Fischer, and Head, we got you covered.

Can you wear normal boots while skiing?

Skiing boots are not just a complementary piece of gear that will improve your skiing performance. And they’re not a seller's trick to persuade you into spending more money. Ski boots are essential and indispensable for skiing.

How should ski boots fit?

The best ski boots are the ones that fit you snuggly. There should be no space between the top of the instep and the ceiling of the boot, and your toes should be almost touching the end of the boot when your ankles and knees are flexed.

Are all ski boots compatible with all ski bindings?

The type of ski bindings depends heavily on the skiing style. The same goes for skiing footwear. Downhill ski boots won’t match cross-country ski bindings, and vice versa. Only by getting compatible boots and bindings can you get the most out of your skiing set.