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Knife Sharpeners

Do we blame the knife for the murder? No, we do not. Do we blame the knife for a crushed tomato? We absolutely do. A sharp knife is a chief solder on every kitchen, and the dull one is the main saboteur that will turn every cooking session into torture. Unfortunately, every knife is bound to become blunt sooner or later. However, there is something you can do to restore a knife to its former glory.

Knife sharpeners are what they sound like - they sharpen knives. Unless you are plucking money from a tree, buying that many knives will only bring unnecessary expenses. A knife sharpener will relieve you of the headache of looking for new сutlery.

Before buying one, you need to answer several questions. How much are you ready to pay? What type of knives are you using? Do you need it to be compact and portable? The answers to these questions may determine your choice. As with everything in the world, there are several types of knife sharpeners. Those are manual sharpeners and electric knife sharpeners.

Manual Knife Sharpeners

If you want to control the speed of the sharpening and the pressure put on the blade,  a manual sharpener is for you. It is completely self-contained and doesn't need electricity to work. There can never be too many spare sockets, especially in the kitchen, so self-sufficiency is a great advantage of manual knife sharpeners. You can also carry them in case you need them (no questions asked). Their main advantage is the price: manual sharpeners are much cheaper than electric ones. They are not without their drawbacks, of course. Using a manual sharpener will only spoil serrated and waved knives. It also takes more effort and skill to sharpen the knife manually.

Manual knife sharpeners have different materials as their main elements. A knife sharpening stone is the most prevalent one. Diamond and ceramic stones are its main variations. Diamond stones are created by sprinkling diamond grit on the steel back and covering it with a nickel coating. Such sharpeners need no real maintenance and cut faster than any other type. Ceramic stones are great for polishing the blade after you have sharpened your edge. There are also leather strops used for stropping the blade to give it the best edge. They also can be used for sharpening wood carving knives when used with a stropping compound.

Electric Knife Sharpeners

These devices have an installed motor that rotates the sharper head. Electric knife sharpeners speed up the process immensely while being easy to operate. They also are suitable for all types of knives, including serrated and waved ones. The comfort and swiftness come with a higher price. Such sharpeners are also of no use without electricity.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can find the best knife and tool sharpeners that will keep your blades in good condition. Whether you are looking for a diamond stone sharpener, ceramic stone sharpener, or leather stropes, you can find all of them here.

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