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Gun Cases

Traveling with a firearm, especially a large one, with no gun case is never an option because you would probably like to ensure safe transportation and comply with legislation requirements. Gun cases for rifles or pistols exist in two types: soft and hard. As gun cases serve basically one purpose, transportation, you may opt for the most suitable by price, and that’s it. But the best gun case is one that covers as many scenarios of use as it can. So let’s dive into the details.

Hard gun cases

Modern hard cases are usually made of aluminum or plastic materials. With the availability of plastics, wood cases fell at the loose end, and now present a collector’s item rather than something you would want to use in the field. Aluminum and plastics are ideal as they are lightweight and easy to maintain. The interior of hard cases is lined with thick foam that prevents the firearm from moving around and getting scratches.

Hard gun cases are highly secure and can survive through severe conditions protecting your firearm, but they are bulky, heavy, and pricier than soft-sided cases. They are ideal for road or air transportation. Actually, transportation of a gun in a hard gun case with a lock is a requirement of many airlines. So if you plan to travel for hunting or shooting sports events by air, a hard gun case is a must-have.

Soft gun cases

Those cases are made from durable fabrics (nylon, neoprene, ripstop). Best soft cases for rifles tend to have padded thick foam interior and compression straps to secure the firearm. For security purposes, some have padlocks to prevent zippers from popping open.

As soft gun cases are lightweight and easier to handle, you are likely to use them for carrying in the field. And what else makes soft rifle gun cases a better choice for hunting is their quietness. Soft sides kill noises made by a case running against hard objects, and a zipper is smoother than latches.

There are other things to consider. If you are a passionate hunter who is not afraid to get caught in the rain during a hunting trip, you’d better buy a waterproof case. Still, you need to be careful with it though, as water may be brought by the gun and spoil it inside the case.

Mind sizes. For instance, if you are going for a sniper rifle case, make sure it has enough space to accommodate optic and accessory items or has enough compartments. The same is true for gun cases for pistols. If you are going to carry some spare mags and ammo, get a bigger case that will hold something besides a handgun.

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