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Casual shirts are one of the items of clothing that are present in the wardrobe of every man and woman. They are worn at any time of the year and are always relevant. Nothing is better than shirts, and they fit perfectly into everyday life. They are extremely simple and necessary.

The casual T-shirts are very close to the body, so the material should be breathable, pleasant to the skin, and not cause allergies and irritations.

Materials of shirts:

  • Cotton is the best material for T-shirts. Its main advantages are breathability, softness, and durability.
  • Polyester is the second most common material for making T-shirts. It is attractive with its practicality and durability. 
  • Viscose is less popular but has its advantages. Viscose T-shirts are pleasant to the body, allow it to breathe well, and are particularly hygienic.
  • Linen is excellent at absorbing moisture, well ventilated, and very durable. However, linen T-shirts are not so popular.
  • Silk is very rarely used for T-shirts.

Mens casual shirts are short-sleeved apparel with a round neck. It can be monochrome or with a print. White casual shirts for men are usually considered as basic items in a wardrobe since they are functional. Such models can be worn under a jacket, shirt, or sweatshirt.  Polo is a casual T-shirt for men. The polo has a collar and buttons. Polo came into modern fashion from the uniform of golf athletes. It’s worn with jeans, shorts, and even business suits. 

Casual long sleeve shirts for womens are made of thin fabrics, without buttons and zippers. These models are perfect for windy and cool weather, or for an evening summer walk. They can be combined with a jacket, jeans, and sweatpants. It would seem that T-shirts are all the same, but casual shirts for women have a huge variety of models and you can choose what you need.

GRITR Outdoors has a wide selection of shirts for every condition. Everyone should have a white T-shirt, but also you need something unique with bright colors, ornaments, and prints. Therefore, wearing a T-shirt is a unique way of expressing yourself.