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Saltwater Fishing

What comes to your mind when someone mentions saltwater fishing? Is it standing waist-deep in water on one of the Florida beaches and casting a surf rod? Or is it saltwater fly fishing on the flats of the Bahamas, trying to catch a trophy bonefish? Thrill-seekers may imagine a fight with a fast, clever blue marlin. Whatever your mental picture is, GRITR Outdoors has everything a passionate angler may need.

Saltwater Fishing Gear for Sale

Let’s take a closer look at saltwater fishing tackle. First, you need the rod and reel combo right for your task. Before you even start exploring our saltwater fishing rods and reels, you need to decide what type you want to get into, whether you’re going to troll or baitcast, what type of bait you will use, etc.

Generally speaking, you’ll need a longer saltwater rod to cast further (surf rod) or a shorter rod to fight powerful deep-sea dwellers. As for saltwater fishing reels, pick a high-speed one for fast baits and a low-speed one for fighting the fish.

Next, you need to put a suitable saltwater fishing line on your saltwater reel. Braided line is the best resistant to sun and salt, but monofilament is more abrasion- and shock-resistant. Fluorocarbon line is stiff, abrasion-resistant, and invisible, but sun and salt lower its quality.

Choosing your bait is the next step. Saltwater fishing lures include metal jigs for catching bottom feeders, lead-headed jigs, poppers, spoons, spinnerbaits, and many more, but you can also use live bait. Decide which style from a variety of saltwater fishing rigs suits you best, and you’re ready to go. Don’t forget saltwater fishing pliers made of corrosion-resistant aluminum.

Saltwater Fishing Clothing

At GRITR Outdoors, you’ll also find saltwater fishing hats, warm-weather shirts and shorts in blues and grays with UV protection, boating boots and flip-flips, and cold-weather clothing (wind- and waterproof jackets, bibs, and neoprene waders).

Whatever you want to gear up with, GRITR Outdoors has everything, from saltwater fishing poles to neoprene waders.