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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine includes products of a narrow specialization, intended primarily for the recovery of the body after various injuries. However, many athletes use such devices to prevent stretch marks, as well as other injuries during exercise. Muscles are especially vulnerable to injury while training since your movements can be uncontrolled and quite strong. 

Compression Wraps

Compression wraps are used by athletes to fix joints and support muscles during intense workouts. They allow you to recover after an injury, without interrupting training. The main function of the wraps is to immobilize the joint and fix it in a certain position. They relieve the excess load, provide a compression effect, and, depending on the model, can additionally absorb shocks. 

Types of compression wraps:

  • Back wraps. They are used to correct posture, reduce stress on the lumbar, and stabilize the back.
  • Elbow wraps. They are helpful in reducing elbow discomfort, which is important as the elbow is a part of the body that is often affected by tension. 
  • Leg wraps. Compression wraps for legs reduce discomfort and inflammation if you suffer from knee pain. Leg compression wraps for lymphedema reflect your own body warmth and create soothing infrared thermal warmth, it’s a well-recognized method for improving circulation and reducing inflammation.

Medicine Balls

The first medicine ball was created by Hippocrates in ancient Greece as a way to help recover after an illness. Nowadays, medicine balls with a rack are great for upper body and core strength training. After injury or surgery, medicine balls are commonly used to rehabilitate muscles or muscle groups. For example, if you recover from knee surgery, a medicine ball will engage the muscles in the thighs and calves that are connected to the knee joint.

The most common are

  • 6 lb medicine balls
  • 8 lb medicine balls
  • 12 lb medicine balls

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