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Sailing Accessories

Sailing possesses one delightful feature no other boating activity can boast. While kayaking and canoeing let you feel the closeness with the water element, sailing unites two worlds under its cloudy canvas: water and wind. Feeling spatters of salty water fondling your legs and puffs of wind whispering the stories brought from far away lands is an inimitable experience. Sun is shining, waves are buzzing, and the wind is carrying your vessel forward - what a life moment. There is definitely something to this activity, something that makes millions of people all over the world pursue it and go out to mighty expanses of seas and oceans again and again. But could this wondrous activity take place but for appropriate gear? Sailing equipment and accessories are parts as vital as wind and water themselves.

Of course, the first thing that you’ll need is a vessel. Since sailing is a recreational activity, whose main feature is sails and not the size of a boat, there are several types of water crafts available. We sell none here, but knowing which one you will be using is vital for choosing appropriate equipment. We won’t get into a detailed classification but rather point out two types. Boats with one mast, like sailing dinghies, tend to be relatively small, putting you closer to the water. Boats with two masts and more, like ketches, yawls, and schooners, are bigger, and their deck is higher than that of sailing dinghies. Why is that important? Well, you have different chances of getting wet, depending on how close to the water you are and how the boat is operated. If sailing life jackets are a must on any boat, hydrophobe apparel, like sailing shorts and trousers, might be handier on smaller vessels. If you are going to spend a day on a yawl or a schooner, you don’t need to bother with drysuits. If you are a passionate dinghy sailor, then you’ll probably want to stay dry throughout the sailing session. It might be hard to do with splashes constantly spattering your clothes and yourself, that’s why waterproof suits might prove useful. 

Gritr Outdoors also has other items that might be handy for sailing. If you can’t find what you are looking for in that category, try checking related ones, there’s definitely something that will meet your needs.

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