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Fishing Shirts & T-shirts

Fishing Shirts & T-shirts

Fishing Shirts & T-shirts

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Almost all fishermen have a stereotype that it’s ok to wear an old T-shirt and shorts for fishing in the summer. However, you need to choose comfortable clothes for fishing, which will allow you to enjoy this process.

Fishing T-shirts should protect anglers from insects, harmful sun rays, and overheating. Experienced fishermen prefer long-sleeve fishing shirts, which provide protection from sunburns. If you are looking for sun protection fishing shirts, you should consider purchasing a raglan shirt made of sunscreen materials to provide maximum protection from the UV rays.

Moreover, the main feature of fly fishing shirts should be the ability to breathe and remove moisture. 

Fishing Shirts for Men and Women

Base mens fishing shirts are must-have apparel for every experienced fly fisherman. When the warm months of the year come around, mens long sleeve fishing shirts are great to wear while spending a day in a fishing boat. The fabrics dry fast, even in humid conditions.

Womens fishing shirts are also suitable for casual everyday looks. If you prefer comfortable clothes and freedom of movement, fly fishing t-shirts are all you need. Moreover, we provide cool fishing shirts with a unique design, so it’s easy to find the right shirt for particular needs.

If you’re interested in fishing shirts brands, our selection includes:

  • Gillz. Gillz was founded in 2008. The goal of the company was to create premium apparel for anglers. Since that time they continue to manufacture clothes, which are focused on comfort, breathability, and protection from the harmful sun rays.

The Gillz brand offers high-quality performance. They use fabric that soaks up the moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry, cool, and comfortable.

  • Gill. Sailing inspired young Nick Gill to create the brand you know today. He started to design and manufacture apparel for sailors in 1975. His company was the first to use dartex fabric, which is very lightweight and tough at the same time. 

Nowadays Gill is the world-leading sailing and fishing apparel brand. They created an exclusive fabric technology that is waterproof, breathable, and durable. Gill fishing shirts provide protection and comfort in any weather conditions. 

  • Drake. The brand was launched in 1992. Tate Wood, the co-founder of Drake, was in love with hunting and fishing. This passion was nurtured in him by his father.  All of Drake’s collections are dedicated to Tate’s memories from his childhood.

Drake’s specialists know what fishermen need as they are fishermen themselves. That’s why their apparel is designed with Waterfowl Systems.

We offer womens and mens fishing shirts for sale that will last for years and will look stylish. GRITR Outdoors has apparel for any occasion.