Snowboard Boots -

Snowboard Boots

Snowboard boots are a must-have for anyone looking forward to mounting hills and slopes riding a snowboard. They have a very distinctive look and, unlike ski boots, are versatile enough to be worn even when you are not snowboarding. Gritr Outdoors cooperates with the best snowboard boots brands like Head and Matrix to bring you only the highest-quality product for the most enjoyable pastime. We have many models of snowboarding boots for sale. 

Do you need special boots for snowboarding?

Experienced riders are unanimous in their opinion about the necessity of wearing snowboarding boots. They provide the support and stability needed for snowboarding and are built to fit in the bindings

Is snowboard boot size the same as shoe size?

Though snowboard boot size and regular shoe size are the same, the sizing charts tend to vary between brands. It is recommended to measure your feet to go for mondo size for a more personalized fit.

Should snowboard boots be a size bigger?

Snowboard boots should fit snugly so that your toes can feel the front of the boots. The extra space will make board management more challenging while a snug fit will give you more control over the board.