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Lures play a vital role in fishing. The success of fishing depends on their quality, design, and shape. They are used to catch predatory fish. The lure imitates the movement of the fish, which attracts predators, they instinctively react to the movement. The best way to get the attention of a predator is to feed it.

Types of fishing lures

Lures can be both soft and hard. The material can be wood, plastic, rubber, or metal. Different types of lures require different fishing tactics. 

  • Crankbaits. It’s one of the most popular types of lures. It is made of hard materials such as plastic or wood. Such models are designed with a unique shape that allows them to be flexible. The movements of such a lure mimic the behavior of a real fish. Crankbaits are great for spinning fishing. 
  • Jigs. It’s a silicone lure, which is rapidly gaining popularity. Their special design makes them effective for bottom feeders. They attract predators with realistic appearance, movements, and smell.
  • Spinnerbait. A spinning lure used for fishing in heavily overgrown ponds and lakes. They are distinguished by the absence of protruding elements.
  • Spoons. The classic type of fishing lure that every angler is familiar with. They have a versatile design. They are well suited for catching predatory fish.

If you feed not only the predator but also the fish that it feeds on, you’ll achieve better results. The activity of another fish will certainly attract the attention of predatory fish.

How to choose a lure?

It is not difficult to buy lures for fishing. The choice depends on the type of fishing. If you want to catch predatory fish in waters with medium and strong currents, the best option will be spinnerbaits. 

Crankbaits are suitable for angling in calm waters. You should choose a shape of lure that mimics the fish that is found in the pond where you are going to fish. It’s better to choose brightly colored lures for fishing in muddy waters. However, the lure should look natural and not to scare the fish with the wrong color.

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