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Hydration Packs

Water is essential for the human body. Dehydration is very dangerous. However, there is not always an opportunity to stop, get a bottle of water from your backpack, and drink. Therefore, more and more outdoor enthusiasts use hydration packs.

Outdoor products hydration packs are soft polymer containers with an attached tube and drinking valve. The hydration packs for water are located in the backpack, a hose pipe is passed through the shoulder straps and securely fixed. The container shrinks, when the water is drunk. So, hydration day packs take up less space in the backpack. The system is quite simple and all its parts are easily replaced.

Types of Hydration Packs

There are two main types of hydration packs: hydration backpacks and hydration belt packs. They are suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, running, biking, skiing, and snowboarding. A common feature of almost all of them is a built-in hydration reservoir that makes drinking easier. A few packages include water bottles rather than a reservoir.

  • Cycling Hydration Packs

These backpacks are designed specifically for biking. They need to be compact and low profile, so they feel light and stable on the back. The best cycling hydration packs designed for mountain biking should accommodate additional cycling gear, clothing, and tools. All biking hydration packs usually have low-profile lap belts that don't get in the way of your pedaling.

  • Running Hydration Packs

They look a lot like a simple backpack you would take on an every day run, but have some running-specific features like a low-profile design, a simple waist belt, and plenty of pockets that are easy to access while running. Such packs provide a lot of storage space, making them a good choice for long runs that require a lot of extra food and clothing. Many models have pockets on the shoulder straps or on the sides if you prefer to use water bottles.

  • Snowboard Hydration Packs

Winter sports hydration is designed for winter use to prevent water supplies from freezing. This means that there is usually insulation on the reservoir and drinking tube, and sometimes a bite valve cover. Some snowsport backpacks include attachment points or carry straps to allow hands-free transport of your snowboard.

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