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Winter Sports Accessories

Most ski/snowboard gear beginner’s checklists focus on essentials, such as skis, snowboards, snow clothes, boots, etc., and miss little things. But having and using these things actually distinguish a professional from an amateur. The devil is in the details. So GRITR Outdoors tries to care for every little detail supplying passionate athletes with all snowboarding, snowshoeing, and ski accessories they may need. Welcome to shop for ski tuning kits, ski wax kits, ski sharpening tools, snowboard waxing chemicals and tuning tools, harnesses, hydration packs, and many more.

How do I keep my skis/snowboard in good condition?

Basic ski tuning has three steps. First, you need to repair the bases for perfect gliding. Use your scraper to remove extra base material and brush off debris. Then, remove old wax from the area with a base cleaner and rub alcohol. Apply P-Tex. After the bases are ready, sharpen the edges with a ski edge tuner and apply wax.

How to wax skis/board?

Use a brush to remove debris and rub alcohol with a clean towel to prepare the base for waxing. Heat the waxing iron and drip a line of melted wax down the base. Work the wax into the base until it reaches the edges and leave it to cool down to room temperature. Scrape off excess wax with a scraper at a 45-degree angle and brush tip to tail with a nylon brush.

How often should I wax skis/snowboard?

You should wax the bases of your skis (board) after every base repair and edge tuning and throughout the season. But you can’t overwax. Usually, you’ll start noticing a slight slowdown after 2 days of skiing considerable slowdown after 5-6 days. Also, wax your gear before your first day of the season.