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Western Clothing

Western Outfit as a Fashion Statement

The golden age of Western movies of the 40-50ss entailed the popularization of western aesthetics. Since then, western clothing has been wigwagging in and out of fashion. In the early 2020s, the industry has been having a specific interest in western clothes, building all kinds of garments, from strictly functional ones for people working on a farm, ranch, or horse course (warm vests and jackets in various shades of brown) to casual ones (floor-length western dresses and folk-patterned loose-fit western shirts for women and men) to purely fashion-forward ones (tight-fitting cardigans and men’s western shirts with patterned yokes). Acknowledging the trend, GRITR Outdoors is glad to offer an array of western clothes for women and men made by reputable brands.

Western Apparel for Men & Women

A classic cowboyish western outfit for men consists of several garments: a denim/plaid/fringe western shirt, cowboy jeans or canvas pants, a bandana or a bolo tie, a western fringe leather jacket, a duster coat, and cowboy chaps. Western outfits for women include prairie dresses and accessories. Build your cowboy/cowgirl outfit with one of the best western apparel stores - GRITR Outdoors.

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