Dog Parkas -

Dog Parkas

Hunting dogs have to overcome a lot of obstacles while hunting. That’s why your pet should feel comfortable in any condition. Owners usually buy special dog parkas that provide protection for the animal from cuts, scratches, and wild animals. This apparel also keeps your four-legged friend dry and warm in wet weather. 

Camouflage parkas are used to hide during the anticipation of animals or birds. They are made of durable, water-repellent materials such as neoprene. It means that water cannot easily pass through the fabric, and the parkas don’t get wet. That’s why the dog won’t freeze and the risk of colds will be minimal.

Winter dog parka coats usually have a white color to blend with the environment. They are designed with extra-layer for protection against undercooling on cold snowy days. Fleece fabric provides much more warmth than usual neoprene dog parkas. Also winter parkas will be the right option not only for vigorous pets but also for less active dogs, as they generate less body heat.

How to choose the right parka?

First of all, you should measure your dog's neck, chest, and length, using a soft measuring tape. The tape should fit snugly, but not too tight while measuring. Be careful with the chest measurement, since it’s the most important indicator of your dog’s comfort.

Clothing should fit tightly the dog’s body, but at the same time do not shackle movements.

We have a wide range of models from small dog parkas to big dog parkas. Almost all models have full-length zippers for easy on-and-off. 

Some dog breeds have thick fur, they may not need special apparel. For dogs with short and thin fur parkas will provide an extra cozy layer. Moreover, you should define your dog’s activity level and how much time it spends outdoors in cold, snow, and rain.

We can prepare your furry friend for hunting with the clothes that fit! Be ready for hunting adventures with your pet, shopping at GRITR Outdoors!