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Reflex Sights

Getting the right sight is a paramount component of the shooting preparation process. The variety of goods offered nowadays can be confusing for a regular customer, given that every sight type is specially created to fit certain situations. Luckily, reflex sights are quite easy to use and understand.

Reflex sights are one of the subcategories of red dot sights, thus they have the same principle behind their work: a light-emitting diode shoots a beam onto the semi-transparent mirror, that reflexes the beam on the lens the shooter is looking through. Their main advantage over other types of red dot sights is the lack of parallax effect: regardless of the eye position, the reticle stays aligned with the weapon. They also offer a wider field of view (that is how much of the image you can see in the objective lens), giving you a big tactical advantage.

Modern reflector sights fall into two housing configurations: open sights and tube sights. Open sight, also known as mini reflex sight, has a simpler construction, as it comprises only the base with the single lens, placed in the front of the sight. Tube reflex sights look a lot like small scopes and comprise two lenses: the rear lens projects the light and the front lens reflects it. Both of those types can be used with two eyes open as they are deprived of eye relief, making target acquisition an easier task. 

Like other types of optics, sights come in a variety of sizes. Whether you are looking for a full-size reflex sight or a micro reflex sight, you can find it on Gritr Outdoors, we have a rich collection of the best reflex sights produced by such top brands as:

Vortex is well known for its hunting and sport optics, which have been delighting customers since 1986. Four decades’ worth of experience makes them a reliable and experienced manufacturer that places customers’ needs above everything else. Vortex reflex sight is a great addition to your collection of firearm accessories. 

Sig Sauer began with producing firearms and later expanded their product line to suppressors, optics, ammo, and airguns. Being an expert in the field of firearms, they know well what a good gun needs, that’s why sig reflex sight is sure to fit your weapon of choice perfectly.

Since 1971 Burris have been refining their optics to meet the highest standards of any picky customer, and time has shown that they’ve managed to succeed. Burris reflex sight is worth every cent you will spend on it.

Gritr Outdoors offers dozens of reflex sights for sale. If you are familiar with industry giants, you will see that we have their products in stock. Be it a reflex sight for shotgun, rifle, or pistol, you can find it all right here.  

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