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Scopes & Accessories

Where the human eye fails, scopes are sure to succced. With these little helpers your prey stands no chances, even if it never knew you were there in the first place. The further from danger, the safer, the more you see, the better, as easy as that. GRITR Outdoors has a big variety of scopes to choose from.

Rifle Scopes

Always at hand right on your own gun. These hunting rifle scopes are compact, precise and comfortable to use. Once the prey is spotted, it is bound to stay in your sight. Our hunting scopes help you to take the most precise shots, saving the animal’s hide quality and giving you an opportunity to shine at your marksmanship.

Spotting Scopes

They can run, but they can’t hide, not as long as you have these at your disposal. Having a great magnifying ability, our hunting spotting scopes will reveal everything that's hidden from your sight. And magnify it, that’s what they do.


A good hunting scope is great, but a good hunting scope with accessories is even greater. Scopes need bases to be fixed on, cases to be carried in and you call it how many more things. Fortunately, GRITR Outdoors can provide you with everything your hunting passion may require. Be it spotting scope accessories or rifle scope accessories, you are sure to find what you need.

On Gritr Outdoors you may find products of such reliable brands as:

Vortex is a family-owned business, and as all of us know, there is nothing stronger than family. Being on the market since 1986, they remain dedicated to providing both best quality items and great customer service. Optics is their main focus, so, should you need a scope or scope accessories, Vortex is always a safe choice.

Nightforce was founded in 1992 and has never manufactured ‘mass product’ items, for the whole process is monitored by a skilled human eye and controlled by experienced hands. They are mainly involved in scope manufacturing, and a three decade expertise is something to be trusted.

Leupold & Stevens is an industry veteran, having begun their business back in 1907. Relentless in their ideals, but diligent in their work, this company is a true example of wonders that passion and hard work combined can create. They also produce both rifle and spotting scopes accessories, so there is no need to go any further - Leupold is a great choice, 

Burris has more than 50 years of engineering experience and offers a timeless guarantee on their product quality. Combining innovations with reliable time-proved models, they produce hunting scopes of great accuracy and quality.