Snowboards for Men, Women & Kids -


Snowboarding is the most popular winter sport in the US, second only to skiing - the US boasts nearly 8 million participants every year. We strive to be the number-one sports store for our snowboarders, committed to supplying beginners, amateurs, and professional athletes with reliable snowboarding gear, as well as providing sterling service, the best prices, and a great product range. That’s why you should check out our selection of boards from the best snowboard brands. Note that some of them are offered with safe snowboard bindings.

How to choose the right snowboard?

Types of snowboards:

  • All-Mountain (best versatility)
  • Freestyle (aka park snowboard - great for a playful ride in the park)
  • Freeride (aka powder snowboard - best for un-groomed terrains and environments with deep powder snow)

Length: the board should reach between your nose and chin.

Width: snowboard boots should extend slightly over the board’s edges.

What size snowboard should I get?

Consider your height and weight. When in a snowboard shop, you can stand the board on its tail and see its length in relation to your height. The board’s nose reaching in between your chin and nose is perfect. Choose a snowboard based on your weight for more precision (a 155-lb person would need a 158-cm board). Use snowboard size charts or a snowboard size calculator.

What is the best beginner’s snowboard?

Start with deciding on the snowboarding style. It will hint at board type, shape (directional, directional twin, or true twin), and profile (camber, flat, rocker, etc.). Opt for a flexible, mid-size, wide board because it’s the easiest to balance and control.