Ice & Roller Skates -


Walking is a very recurrent type of activity people are involved in. For centuries it has been the only means of transportation and stays the major one in our everyday life. Walking is refreshing and good for your health. It is also tiresome and slow unless you are nordic walking to get your groceries. While humanity came up with many means of transportation, there are none as small and portable as skates.

When people say ‘skates’, they usually mean ice skates in particular, even though roller skates belong to the same category. This is due to ice skates being the original invention and the latter being their modification. While regular skates can only be used during winter or in specially created facilities like ice rinks, rolling skates have a wider use and can be applied regularly. If you know how to skate, that is.

There are many ice-related activities, and all of them require skates to be modified to fit the purposes. For example, both figure skating and hockey take place on the ice, but these two activities are quite different in terms of dynamics and actions, and thus skates’ designs would also be different. Figure skates have toe picks that help the skater stop and perform jumps and spins. The blade is also bigger and wider than that of hockey skates. Hockey skates are better suited for high speed and quick movements. Gritr Outdoors has everything you need for ice skating. 

Ice skate’s wheeled cousins also have different configurations. They are divided into roller skates and rollerblades. Their main difference is in the wheels’ placement: roller skates have two rows of wheels, placed similar to the configuration of common vehicles, two in the front and two in the back. Rollerblades have a single row of wheels, arranged like ice skates blades. Roller skates make it easier to retain balance, while rollerblades allow for higher speed and more agility.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can find roller skating equipment as well as ice skates to fit every foot. Roller skates for women, men, and kids, knee and elbow guards, ice skates for kids, women, and men. Whoever you are, we are sure to have skates that will fit you.