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Other Winter Sports Clothing

Though jackets and pants are the main elements of a winter outfit, they are not the only ones. Other pieces of winter sports clothing play their part in keeping you warm as well. Beginning from base winter clothing layers to mid-layers, there are many garments that are essential for a complete winter outfit. On this page, you can find all base and mid-layers of clothing for winter. We work with such brands as Swix and SCOOT to bring only the best quality goods.   

How should I layer my clothes for winter?

During winter activities, it is recommended to wear three layers of clothing. Base layers wick away moisture, mid layers capture the heat, and outer layers protect you from wind and snow. Adhering to this system is crucial for balancing warmth with comfort.

What is a good base layer for snow? 

Winter long sleeve shirts make for the best winter base layers. Winter shirts are made of quick-dry hydrophobic fibers that are perfect for high-intensity activities as they absorb moisture effectively and dry fast. 

Are fleece hoodies good for winter? 

Fleece is an excellent material choice for a winter hoodie. It possesses incredible heat-retaining characteristics while remaining relatively lightweight and extremely cozy. Many winter vests and tops are also made of fleece, so the answer is a big yes.

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