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Riding Clothing

Horseback riding is a very exciting activity for which both participants should be dressed appropriately. It’s not uncommon for riders to think first and foremost about equipping their steeds. It’s a reasonable decision, since equestrian equipment affects both a rider and a horse, whereas equestrian clothing only benefits the horseman. But there is no practical reason for you to neglect comfort. Men’s and women’s equestrian clothing is designed specifically to make the horseback riding experience more comfortable and enjoyable. On this page, you can find a small collection of garments produced by the best equestrian clothing brands. 

Horse Riding Hats

It is customary to wear helmets while riding a horse for obvious reasons. Your head is the most precious part of your body, and you want it as protected as possible. But what if you have long stopped being a rookie and mastered horseback riding? Maybe you have your own ranch and see your horses every single day and know them like the back of your hand. A day may come when you build trust with your horse strong enough to switch a helmet to a riding hat. Riding hats are an iconic horseman attribute that perfectly complements any equestrian outfit. Outback Trading is known for its horse-riding style hats, and we have quite a few models for your consideration.

Horse Riding Breeches

Riding breeches are built differently than regular pants or riding tights. The breeches for horseback riding are more elastic and flexible than pants while being more durable and having more structure to them than riding tights. They are the middle ground that can be appreciated by both expert horseback riders and novice enthusiasts. We have a selection of women’s and men’s riding breeches produced by such brands as Ovation and Horze.

Horse Riding Vests

If you are in the market for quality leather riding vests, you’ve come to the right place. If you need an equestrian body protector, the statement still applies. We have a small collection of vests that meet your needs, whether you look for style or protection. Tipperary, for example, is a brand known for its state-of-the-art back-country vests that provides standard-setting impact protection.

This is not the complete list of equestrian garments you can find here, on Gritr Outdoors. We also have several equestrian rain coats, dusters, gloves, and other items. If you are looking for a place to dress for your equestrian races or trips, we are at your service.