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Training Shoes

You can buy sports shorts or a t-shirt without recommendations, but this trick will not work with training shoes. Everyone wants gym training shoes to look stylish, but, in this case, the technical side is paramount.

Any sports shoes perform a protective function. According to the statistics, many people have incorrectly developed ankle muscles, mainly due to the sedentary lifestyle, so the risk of injury increases while exercising in the gym. And the best sneakers for cross-training prevent these problems.

Types of Training Sneakers

Sneakers for sports are divided into several categories depending on the type of sports activities.

Running shoes. These shoes should be as light as possible. Generally, performance running sneakers are made from soft, well-ventilated synthetic materials, for example, nylon, and their uppers feature a mesh for enhanced breathability. Leather can only be used as auxiliary material to increase durability in critical points. Almost all running shoes have an anti-slip overlay on the sole. A pair of running sneakers should fit snugly in the heel and midfoot areas.

Strength-training shoes. Never choose running shoes for training that implies lifting heavy weights because these will strip you of stability due to the cushioning. True shoes for weightlifting should be hard and non-compressible and feature a lot of support.

Court sports shoes. Compared to running with its forward movements, court sports (tennis, volleyball, basketball, and so on) involve lots of sudden and swift lateral movements, and, thus shoes for tennis, for example, feature thinner soles and a good deal of side-to-side support.

Cross-training shoes. Good cross-training sneakers can be an option for enthusiasts involved in several sports, but you should remember that they may show a bit worse results in a particular sport compared to sneakers designed strictly for this sport and nothing more. Generally, cross-trainers are stiffer than running shoes, feature more shock absorption than strength sports shoes, and have reinforcements for safe forward and lateral movements.

Studio fitness shoes. Sneakers for indoor workouts stand between running and strength training shoes, featuring flexible and flat soles, shock absorption, and lateral support.

Such world-known brands as Fila, INOV-8, and Salming manufacture countless women's and men’s training shoes with unique foot support, amortization, and stylish design. GRITR Outdoors has the best sneakers for cross-training for any occasion. 

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