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Pistol Sights

Handguns are definitely the most compact and lightweight type of firearm. It’s hard not to draw unwanted attention carrying a rifle over your shoulder, and you won’t tack it in your trousers. Naturally, rifles are not created for concealed carry. Pistols, on the other hand, can boast a size small enough to be discreet. It’s hard to imagine a weapon more suitable for self-defense purposes, and when it comes to protecting yourself, you would want to score. In that task, sight is your bestest friend.

Many pistols come with a standard set of front and rear fixed sights. The front sight is usually a square post or a bead, while the rear sight has a V- or U-shaped notch. Fixed sights cannot be adjusted, but they allow for a quicker and more comfortable draw, which is a huge benefit for self-defense. Even though adjustable sights can boast a higher versatility, they are also more costly and have a higher profile, resulting in a slower and clumsier draw. However, they are more fitting for competitive shooting and hunting, where speed is not of big importance.

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Pistol Iron Sights

Iron sights come built-in with many pistols. In earlier days, they were the only thing shooters could rely on. Many modern handguns come with fixed sights as well, since they’ve proved to be a reliable assistant in the target acquisition process. They don’t need batteries to work, they don’t break as easily as other types, and they are generally more resilient. Pistol iron sights are always a great backup option. 

Pistol Red Dot Sights

Being one of the most popular types of sights, the red dot fits perfectly on a handgun. They allow you to focus on the target while aiming and their reticle is clearly seen in low light. If the iron sight is a smartphone, then the red dot sight is a big screen TV - it is much easier to see your target through red dot pistol sights.

Pistol Reflex Sights

The only type that can be called an optic pistol sight, reflex sights utilize the red dot principle in their work. Among other things, they don’t have eye relief, making a parallax effect a problem of the past. Reflex pistol sights can be operated with both eyes open and have a greater field of view than other types of red dot sights.

Pistol Night Sights

Unfortunately for us, dangerous situations don’t go away with the sunset. Moreover, evening and night hours are the time when a major part of crimes happen. The iron sight will not help you if you cannot see it clearly, that’s why humanity came up with sights, functioning well in low-light conditions. Due to their compactness, both laser and tritium night sights are a great investment for those looking for a concealed carry pistol.

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