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As a rule, the sun offers great assistance in all kinds of tasks like moving, seeing, and doing stuff, because we have a visual on things. It assists us even during the night, as the light that the moon emits is nothing but reflected sun rays. Generally speaking, the sun is a great helper. Sometimes, though, it can also be a  great hindrance.

Few people like it when the sun shines directly in their eyes. To solve this problem we have sunglasses, caps, and not going outside. None of this, however, will help you during your hunt. If the target is in the same direction as the sun, you might experience some optical issues caused by sun rays messing with your scope’s lens. To get rid of this unwanted glare, interfering with your vision, consider getting a scope sunshade.

Scope sunshades share the same purpose with killflashes - they both shade the lens to reduce glare from the sun. This is where their similarities end. Killflashes keep the shooter from revealing their position by preventing unwanted gleams. Sunshades are there only to make the shooting process more comfortable for the user by mitigating the stray light coming from the sun. Having less sun in your eyes is good for both health and accuracy. 

Sunshades look like hollow tubes and are installed on the front of the scope (the side you are not looking into). Unlike killflashes, which have a honeycomb-patterned design, rifle scope sunshades don’t hinder your vision at all. It’s worth mentioning though, that sunshades are not that versatile and interchangeable - you won’t find a sunshade that will match all of your scopes, so if you are looking for a universal scope sunshade, you might want to lower your expectations. There is no sunshade to rule them all, but there are some that can be used with several scopes.

Gritr Outdoors has a variety of scope sunshades produced by top brands such as

Leupold & Stevens has been a source of quality hunting optics since 1907. By keeping up with modern tendencies but staying true to their traditions and values, Leupold has managed to become one of the biggest hunting optics producers. Leupold sunshades are naturally a perfect match for Leupold scopes, so consider buying one if you already enjoy one of their products.

Nightforce has been producing hunting optics for decades and has managed to take an honorable place among the best manufacturers. Nightforce sunshades won’t let any unwanted sun into your scope.

Well-known for their quality optics, Vortex has been and remains to be a family-owned company, focused on producing hunting scopes and sport optics. Vortex sunshades are destined to accompany Vortex scopes, for there is no stronger bond than that of the family.

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