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Boating Equipment

Leisurely admiring the view of a boundless water expanse, paddling your way through white waters of river rapids, or catching the breath of the wind with the snow-white sails of your sailboat - boating can take many forms, each of them unmatched in its own way. Boating is such a vast term it’s hard to even begin describing what it means. To put it plainly, any leisure or sports activity that involves one of many kinds of boats belongs to this category. Paddle boats, sails boats, motorboats, yachts - the list includes many water crafts. Set in motion by diesel engines, wind currents, or the raw force of people, boats can serve as a means of travel and a venue for an enjoyable pastime. But boating, like any other activity, entails the use of special gear. What falls into the boating equipment category? 

Boating Safety Equipment

Being on the water, however appealing and exciting it might sound, involves certain risks. According to the U.S. Coast guard, nearly 700 people die annually as a result of recreational boating accidents. Most of those deaths can be prevented if people don’t neglect safety rules. Boating life jackets are your first and primary way of staying alive should anything happen to you on water. After all, they are called this way for a reason. Even though boating is an umbrella term for many kinds of related activities, it’s safe to say that life boating life vests should be present on every boat, big or small. Whether you are rafting down a rapid and perilous river or sailing away from a seashore, you are still surrounded by water, and that is not our element. 

Boating Accessories

Accessories are more specific for each type of boating. What is essential for a paddleboat might be unnecessary on a yacht. For example, it might be wise to have a ballast pump if you plan on using a kayak, canoe, or some other paddle boat. And an extra pair of mounting tracks will never hurt as well. If you plan on fishing from a boat, you would need to secure a landing net in addition to all your regular tackle.

This category is by no means exhaustive. If you didn’t find something you were looking for, try other more specific categories. 

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