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Motorcycle gear is the first thing to invest in after buying a motorcycle. Not only will it protect you from impacts if you get into a crash, but it will also ensure comfortable riding, shielding you from weather, noise, and road debris.

It doesn’t matter if you are into cruising or go for occasional short rides, motorcycle protective gear is a must. You don’t know what you might catch up with on the road, be you the most responsible road user in the world. Some things are just beyond your control. But personal safety is what you can take care of. So you’d better be serious about it.

So, what items of a motorcycle outfit do you need to protect your body from harsh impacts and the environment?

First of all, you need a motorcycle helmet. Searching for one, you’ll come across several helmet designs. The most universal is a full-face moto helmet. It ensures the highest level of protection as it provides the most coverage of your head and neck. The open-face helmet looks similar to the full-face but lacks a chin bar and leaves your face exposed, thus, offering less protection. The modular helmet transforms from the full-face to the open-face helmet which makes it very practical.

Your motorcycle helmet must be DOT-approved to provide a minimum level of protection.

Motorcycle jackets are designed to be resistant to abrasion and environmental impacts. Besides looking cool, leather jackets are strong, durable, and ensure a comfortable moisture exchange, but they are not great rain gear. High-quality textile materials, on the other hand, can be as abrasion-resistant as leather, but may also feature water-resistant membranes. In general, textile is more adjustable.

Motorcycle pants are often overlooked by many riders. Motorcycle pants and jackets should feature CE-rated armor.

Motorcycle boots are made high enough to protect ankles and stiff to reduce flexing. The soles are oil-resistant for better gripping. The laces and buckles are made on the side to prevent them from getting caught in the motorcycle parts. Motorcycle boots also have shifter pads to manipulate the shift lever.

Wearing motorcycle gloves is crucial as your hands are the first body parts that contact the surface if you fall from the motorcycle. It’s instinctive. Abrasion-resistant motorcycle gloves have pads and protection on the fingers, knuckles, and the base of the palm. If you plan to use a phone without taking the gloves off, avoid fingerless gloves and choose touchscreen-compatible ones.

Sports bike gear may also include motorcycling armor. Designed to absorb a great amount of energy on impact, It will heighten your level of protection. Such armor includes body armor, chest protectors, elbow and knee guards.

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