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Laser Sights

While it is still impossible to get a proper lightsaber, there are other ways to harness the power of light. One of these ways is using a laser sight. It doesn’t burn through your target, of course, but provides safer and more humane assistance instead. With the laser aimed at them, your targets will instantly know who’s in charge now. 

Laser sights work differently from other types of sights and scopes. When using a regular sight, the shooter needs to look through the device to aim at the target. Laser sights, in contrast, project a beam of light right onto the target. Such sights are much easier to use, as with regular sights you need to align the front and rear pieces with the target to make a clear shot. With laser gun sights you will immediately see the place of bullet impact. One of the biggest benefits of this device is that it can be used both separately and in conjunction with other types of optics. With a properly mounted laser gun sight, you will be able to take rapid and accurate shots more easily.

Such sights usually have beams in two color variations: red and green. The difference between these two types is not only aesthetic. Red lasers are more frequent and cheaper ones, they are more energy-efficient and lasting. However, since red light dissipates more easily in bright environments, such sights are not great for use in daylight. Green lasers, on the other hand, are more visible during the day. The price is lesser energy efficiency and higher cost.

Separately bought laser sights need to be zeroed in so that the beam may intercept the point of impact. They have been around long enough to acquire a number of modifications, and can now be mounted on all firearms. Laser sights for pistols offer more flexibility, as they can be mounted on top, under the barrel, and even on the grip. Such sights are generally quite compact, working great with both open and concealed carry pistols. That’s why getting laser sights for handguns is an idea worth consideration. 

We are not restricted to pistol laser sights only. In addition to 9mm laser sights, Gritr Outdoors offers you a wide choice of rifle laser sights and gun laser sights to make your shots as precise as possible.