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Night Vision


Regular optics are a great way to see something a regular human eye cannot see. They both, however, need the same thing to function well - light. Binoculars won’t be of any help to you once the light is gone, and the only thing you will see through a monocular is pitch darkness. For centuries people had to bring light sources with them to get through the night. Luckily, technologies are constantly advancing, and light sources, that can be so easily spotted by wild animals, are no longer a need. If you want to stay hidden and unnoticed, yet see what is going on, Gritr Outdoors offers you a vast collection of the best night vision scopes.

No nocturnal hunt can happen without a night vision scope by your side. This device is generally good in situations, where your vision is obscured, be it thick fog, dense foliage, or lack of light. Night vision optics utilize the same technology as other devices from the same category. There are three main night vision technologies, according to the principle of their work: image intensifier, digital and thermal. 

Intensifier-tube Night Vision

To create images, intensifier tubes utilize reflected ambient infrared radiation that is invisible to a human eye. Just as visible light, infrared light is created by the Sun and the stars and illuminates everything, including the Earth and the Moon. Intensifier-tube night vision devices convert infrared light reflected from objects to create a visible image. This kind of night vision optics calls for additional care - if an intensifier night vision scope is exposed to daylight or a bright flash of light at nighttime while it’s on, it may become damaged or burnt out.  There are 4 generations of intensifier tube devices (0, 1, 2, 3) and manufacturers are constantly working on upgrades to enhance the existing technology.

Digital Night Vision

This kind of night vision optics uses digital charge-coupled devices similar to those in usual digital cameras. Digital sensors are resistant to damage from bright light, sure to serve you for a lifetime, and are generally less fragile and expensive. Of all night vision scopes, these are the least expensive, easiest to use, and most reliable.

Thermal Night Vision

As implied by the name, such night vision scopes exploit the technology of thermal imaging. This technology is the most sophisticated one of 3, as it detects heat (long-wave infrared light) instead of ambient near - and short-wave infrared light. Unlike digital and intensifier night vision optics, which will function poorly during cloudy nights or in a complete absence of light, thermal night vision scope can operate well in total darkness. It catches the long-wave infrared light, that is emitted by any object with a temperature above an absolute zero, and reads the difference in temperature between the object and its background. Because of this technology, thermal night vision scopes will also allow you to see through fog, smoke, foliage, and dust, so you may rely less on good weather and more on yourself.

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