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Equestrian Footwear

If you opened this subcategory expecting to see fancy little shoes for horses or florid horseshoes, we pulled your leg, there are no such things to be found here. Even though we do have quite a few items for animals like hunting dogs and horses, this category is dedicated to human footwear. Equestrian boots are designed with riders’ needs in mind and are desirable when riding a horse. The classic tall equestrian boots come high enough up the leg to protect the rider’s leg from pinching leathers of the saddle. They also feature distinct heels that prevent feet from sliding through the stirrup. Modern boots for horseback riding are somewhat low-heeled, but some models of cowboy-style footwear retained the classic higher heel.

Not all horse riding boots are tall, though. The options you are presented with are quite varied. If you like your horseback riding boots short, you should check out our paddock boots collection. Paddocks are short boots that go slightly above the ankle and are worn mostly for pleasure riding. If horseback riding is just a hobby you pursue every now and then, paddocks might actually be the optimal choice since they are also suitable for casual wear. Another option you have is getting a pair of equestrian field boots. The reason they have "field" in their name is not that people used to work in them but because such boots were worn by officers ranked “field grace” or higher. These boots make for fine footwear for competitive riders, but you probably know that already if you are one. However, you don’t need to be a professional rider to fully appreciate them - any person wearing this riding boot will instantly understand why they are preferred by the professionals. We have a wide choice of women’s equestrian boots, but you can find a few pairs for men as well. 

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can find tall field boots and short paddock boots for horseback riding produced by the most reliable brands in the industry. We have equestrian boots for women and men from such top-tier brands as Corral, Equistar, Ovation, and others.