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Casual Shoes

Specialized performance footwear is a great gear for specific tasks. Mountain hunting boots provide exceptional support to a sheep harvester, running sneakers give padding and flexibility, and fully waterproof Muck boots do a good job at keeping a gardener’s feet away from dirt, water, and snow. However, you still need casual footwear for your city routine.

Experts advise against wearing the same pair of casual shoes more than two or three times a week to give them time to recover. Otherwise, they wear out too fast. Besides, you should have at least three sets of shoes for each season: summer, winter, and spring/fall. Outside this, you need a pair or two of business casual shoes in which you walk around the office and a pair for special occasions. It brings us to at least 15 pairs.

Fortunately, GRITR Outdoors is here to provide for your adventurous and casual self. We offer a wide range of casual shoes for men and women.

Men's Casual Shoes

Long walkers should pay attention to the quality of the purchased footwear. Men's casual sneakers should have a durable thick sole for foot stability, protection, and support (check out Viktos, Twisted X, and Fila). 

Monochromatic models match wonderfully with any type of clothes. Men’s slip-on shoes or black casual shoes are a great versatile option for an array of everyday looks, while keeping white casuals clean for a long time can be difficult.

Women's Casual Shoes

Ballet Flats. Thanks to the icons like Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn, ballet flats have won the hearts of many women. These look very feminine and cute, and as the French women say: “Ballet flats are a little black dress for shoes.”

Moccasins. These are soft, lightweight leather or suede shoes with a flexible sole.

Sneakers. Women’s casual sneakers should be in a shoe collection of every woman. If you are on the fence about low and high models, it’s better to give preference to low ones since they are the most versatile.

At Gritr Outdoors, we carry footwear from the top brands to satisfy your needs, such as Fila, Alegria, Hoss Boot, Ilse Jacobsen, Merell, Twisted X, Cape Robbin, and others.