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Once a person steps into the realm of nature, one can’t but wonder how vast and immense it is. Be it forests, plains, meadows, mountain ranges, or never-ending sea expanses, there is always more for the human eye to see. The more tools to explore the nature you’ll take on your active holiday, the richer and more varied your experience will be. Fortunately, Gritr Outdoors can provide you with everything your adventurous heart might desire. We offer you a wide range of goods straight from the first places of any professional sport optics review.


An attribute of the true adventurer, a pair of binoculars hanging on your neck is one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about wild nature exploration. An absolute must for scouting and path-finding. Moreover, it is a generally pleasant addition to your other active sports activities. They come in many shapes, and sizes, and colors,so you can find the one that matches both your needs and style on


Another variety of sport optics, these are not a “half-good” variant of their twinned relative. Monoculars are naturally smaller, lighter, and more compact than binoculars, providing the same level of magnification. These guys are great in cases when you don’t need to continuously monitor a moving target, so, if you need to take aim while hunting, measure distance playing gold, or just take a brief look at something, monoculars are your tool of choice.


Good eye estimation can help you out in everyday life, but when it comes to long distances, there is no way to know the distance for sure until you measure it. A ruler will be of little help, and tools used for measuring interiors are just not enough. This is where rangefinders come into play. Utilizing laser technology, this device will tell you exactly how far it is to your target. Who would refuse to tame the power of light? With the help of a laser rangefinder, the distance will never be an obstacle for you.

Night Vision

Ever wondered what is going on in the woods during the night? When nocturnal animals come out into the darkness, the forest begins to live another life. With night vision optics you can be a part of that life, at least as a viewer. Thermal night vision devices exploit the technology of thermal imaging, thus reacting to heat instead of light. If it’s warm-blooded, you will spot it. If not, it’s not that big and hardly a danger to you. Our night vision sportoptics are your best guide in the world of night trips. 

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, we have products of the top brands to satisfy your needs. You can find Nikon sport optics, Leica sport optics, Leupold sport optics, Vortex sport optics, as well as products of other manufacturers.