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Driving any means of transportation requires using protective equipment. And as a motorcyclist is a road user exposed to external impacts of all kinds, he/she should take personal safety the most seriously.

Motorcycle helmets save hundreds of lives every year. They could have saved thousands. Unfortunately, many motorcyclists still are reluctant to wear this precious piece of equipment. Some say they are uncomfortable wearing it, others think they ride safely enough to avoid road accidents. Well, such excuses are wrong thinking.

If you are uncomfortable wearing a helmet, it’s probably because you’ve picked the wrong size. A perfectly sized helmet not only ensures comfort. It increases safety a lot. A helmet that is too big can hurt you on impact because of the gap between your head and the helmet. If you buy a helmet that fits too tight, you simply spend money on equipment that you will never be able to wear.

A moto helmet that feels like it was made specifically for your head isn’t a myth. Just make all necessary measurements and don’t be shy to try on several models. It will be even better if you wear a helmet for several minutes to make sure it fits right.

Now let’s enlarge on the types of helmets.

Full-face motorcycle helmets ensure the highest level of protection as they provide the most coverage of your head and neck. Due to their versatility, they can be used in many scenarios, though specialized helmets provide features a standard full-face helmet lacks. For example, at high speeds, the visor of a full-face helmet may lift, which makes it not very good sports equipment.

Modular helmets have hinges to flip up a chin bar and a visor. These helmets are very practical due to their modular design, but the same nature contributes to slightly increased weight and decreased safety as opposed to the uniform full-face helmets.

Open-face helmets are less safe compared to the mentioned types as they don’t feature a chin bar and leave your face exposed. On the other hand, they ensure good airflow and can be used by tourers and scooters.

Half helmets protect only the top of your head and forehead and leave the back of your neck exposed. The airflow is great, but such a design provides the least protection. Still, can find a safe DOT half helmet.

A DOT motorcycle helmet means it complies with the United States Department of Transportation requirements set to ensure the minimum level of protection.

Off-road moto helmets are not intended for use in the streets. Typically, they don’t have a visor but feature a more prominent chin bar and large peak to protect your eyes from debris and dirt.

A dual-sport (or ADV) helmet is a mix of a full-face and an off-road helmet. The visor here is aerodynamic and can be snapped up for the use of goggles. It doesn’t feature an accentuated chin bar but has a peak at the top.

Today manufacturers don’t discriminate against women and make women’s motorcycle helmets as well. On, you’ll find the best motorcycle helmets for men and women that are DOT-approved. Our selection includes helmets to suit every taste, from retro helmets for touring to cool motorcycle helmets for off-road riding.

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