Hunting Pants -

Hunting Pants

The traditional image of a hunter depicts a person dressed in camo head-to-toe. This distinctive feature of camo serves not only the distinguishing purpose. Hunting apparel, including hunting pants, performs a number of important functions. Being a part of the system, hunting pants provide a range of benefits that are not found in everyday pants, which makes them a must-have for any serious hunter.

Waterproof Hunting Pants

One of the key characteristics of hunting pants is their ability to repel water. In wet environments, nothing is worse than being soaked to the bone. For this reason, most hunting pants feature a waterproof or water-resistant coating that keeps hunters dry in most circumstances except for full-body submersion. This feature is particularly important for waterfowl hunters, who spend a lot of time wading through marshy areas.

Camo Hunting Pants

Another crucial attribute that we’ve already mentioned is camo patterns. Hunting camo pants are designed to blend in with the natural surroundings, making it easier for hunters to remain undetected by game animals. Hunting pants that feature a camo pattern provide excellent camouflage, breaking up the hunter's silhouette and making it more difficult for prey to spot them.

Hunting Pants for Different Game Types

There are various types of hunting pants available based on the type of game being hunted. For upland hunting, wool hunting pants with mimicry patterns are most beneficial, as they allow you to counter birds' sharp eyesight by blending in with the environment. Waterfowl hunting calls for waterproof hunting pants that can withstand the dampness of marshy environments. As for deer hunting, hunting pants featuring break-up camo patterns and silent materials are a must., while insulated hunting pants or cold-weather hunting pants are ideal for staying warm during winter hunts.

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Are camo pants necessary for deer hunting?

While hunting pants aren’t an obligatory attribute of a hunter, specialized apparel can be quite beneficial. Dedicated pants further break up your silhouette and make sure noise and human smell become less urgent problems.

Can you wear jeans while hunting deer?

The blue-denim color of jeans isn’t found anywhere else in nature, so it’s pretty eye-catching. At the same time, deer are good at discerning shades of blue (which can’t be said about red), which will make you an easy-to-spot target.

Are there any special materials used for hunting pants?

Hunting pants are often made of materials such as Gore-Tex, ripstop nylon, and fleece. They are commonly used in hunting apparel due to their insulating qualities, durability and water-resistant properties.