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Hunting Clothing

Being dressed for the weather is one of the key elements of any adventure, your hunting trips included. When choosing the appropriate outdoor clothing or hunting clothes that will meet your needs best, you should consider many factors such as temperature stability, moisture control, and odor resistance. Whether you look forward to hunting big game in the mountains or taking up some target practice out in the wild, your apparel should be durable, comfortable, and - most importantly - usable. Gritr Outdoors is a top spot to shop for everything your hunting soul may desire. The abundance of top hunting clothing brands won’t leave anyone longing for more.

Heated Hunting Clothing

Hunting clothing should not only help you blend in with the surroundings but also retain your body warmth and keep you dry. Thanks to premium-quality materials, none of the pieces of clothing you may find here will start to lose their shape after a couple of washes.

Layers are a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast who plans on going out in cold weather. Our hunting clothes utilize a special technical layers system, which keeps you warm without restricting your movements. The brands we cooperate with manufacture the warmest wool hunting clothes for men and women. Your performance is sure to skyrocket with this lightweight sound-absorbing apparel.

Camouflage Hunting Clothes

The main aim of camouflage is to conceal you from animals’ prying eyes and noses. Camo patterns are not universal and every environment requires one of its own. We have a rich collection of camo hunting clothes that will help you become one with any environment, including hardwoods, grass, sand, and snow.

To bring you the ultimate variety of choices, we cooperate with dozens of brands that specialize in different kinds of hunting apparel. For example, Sitka is a jack of all trades that has apparel for any environment. Drake’s specialty is waterfowl hunting, so the quality of their waders and water-proof jackets is unparalleled. Banded offers you clothing to comfortably hunt birds, so both waterfowl and upland hunters can check this brand out. Beretta does not lag behind, bringing its customers tons of options for lighter layers and casual hunting clothing. 

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can find men’s and women’s hunting clothes that are sure to serve you faithfully for years. Choose the apparel that represents your passion for the wilderness and hunting lifestyle.