Fishing Jackets - Waterproof Jackets for Men -

Fishing Jackets & Vests

Safety is your top priority when you go out angling.We have a great variety of jackets and coats for all weather conditions from rainy drizzles to sunshine. You will be ready for any challenge. Here you can buy either waterproof fishing life vests or winter fishing jackets.

Ice Fishing Jackets

Ice fishing clothing must be waterproof. To be classified as waterproof, fabric has to repel water, not absorb it. These jackets give you maximum protection from extremely low temperatures as well as convenient storage pockets.

Another most important feature is breathability. Without this technology, you will stay sweaty and damp while fishing regardless of whether it is raining outside or not. Whether you are looking for a vest or a winter jacket, your apparel should be as breathable as possible to feel comfortable.

Winter angling clothing needs to not only keep you warm and comfortable but should also provide you protection in an emergency situation. We also carry ice fishing life vests. If you accidentally fall through the ice in our apparel, you will have the ability to float in water.

Fly Fishing Jackets

A high-quality fly fishing jacket is a must-have for every fly fishers kit. These models are light, breathable, and windproof with freedom of movement. The main features of our apparel are spacious pockets, full-coverage hoods, waterproof chest zip-pockets perfect for storage and keeping your stuff dry while fishing. 

Some fly fishing jackets have neoprene cuffs. These cuffs prevent cold air and water from entering the jacket. On rainy cool days, these small details can make a big difference in your comfort and warmth. 

Make sure that you’re not only protected from the rain but also from the wind. A high collar is essential in fly fishing jackets, especially if you’re going angling in cold seasons. If the collar reaches your chin, you’ll be protected from any draughts chilling your neck area.

From our lightweight vests to our ultra-warm jackets, the apparel is designed for every weather condition and type of angling. Fishing clothing is available both for women and men.

What materials are fishing jackets made from?

Fishing jackets are typically made from nylon, polyester or neoprene.

Are fishing jackets waterproof?

Yes, most fishing jackets are made of waterproof material and feature taped seams to keep moisture out.

What features should I look for in a fishing jacket?

Look for features such as adjustable hoods, venting zippers, pockets for tackle boxes and phones, and adjustable cuffs and hems to keep water out.

How can I clean and maintain my fishing jacket?

Hand wash your fishing jacket in cool water with mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and hang dry away from direct heat sources. For tougher stains, you may use a commercial cleaner specifically designed for tough fabrics such as nylon or polyester.