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Fishing Gear

It's an early misty morning. You are patiently looking at your float, waiting for the moment you’ve experienced hundreds of times. But even after hundreds of times this sight never fails to excite you. You keep looking, gut feeling telling you the moment is coming. A split second - and your float goes under the water surface. You could do this with your eyes closed, but you don’t want to miss the show. You gather yourself - and reel - and pool. The gloss of the scale. The triumph of the catcher. You did it. Again.

If this excerpt evoked any emotions or memories - you are in the right place. Since ancient times, fishing has been one of the main sources of food. Today it is also one of the most popular leisure activities. 

Fishing is more meditative and calming than hunting. It requires a different set of skills and knowledge, but there is one thing that unites those two activities - patience. Patience is the key to getting your desired catch or coveted prey.

Fishing equipment is a vital part of the process. One might have a hard time trying to catch a fish with a pointed stick or using a rod with a poorly attached hook. Gritr Outdoors is ready to provide you with the best quality fishing tools that will become your loyal companions during every fishing session. Here’s our  fishing equipment list

Fishing Rods

Your primary fishing tool. Rods come in several variants, depending on what type of fishing they are intended for. We have spinning rods, fly rods, casting rods, and ice rods. No matter what type of fishing you enjoy, we have fishing rods to meet your needs.

Fishing Lines

A fishing rod without lines is just a long stick. Fishing lines are long thin cords that are used for tying hooks, weights, and floats. The line can be called the most important part of the rod, because should it ever break - there go your hooks and bobbers. And fish, if that would still bother you. 

Fishing Reels

Fishing lines tend to be pretty long, that’s why we need means to compactly transport them as well as keep them from tangling. Fishing reels fulfill that task perfectly. There are many varieties of reels, depending on their configuration, size, and type of rods they are attached to. Here you can find fly fishing reels, baitcasting reels, spincasting reels, and spinning reels.

Fishing Accessories

Each fish has its soft spot. There are dozens of colorful lures intended for fish of different sizes and diets. Naturally, you need a place to store them. Many of them come with hooks, so you don’t want to keep them in your pockets. For that purpose, we offer you waterproof boxes to store your smaller tools for fishing, like lures, nymphs, and other tackles. 

Wading Gear

Unlike some fictional or not-so-fictional characters, people cannot walk on water. Sometimes we need to cross or come further into the river and our usual gear is not ready for that sort of challenge. Wading gear will keep you and your equipment dry, allowing you to stand comfortably in shallow waters.

Gritr Outdoors is your dedicated supplier of fishing tools and equipment. Whether you are looking for beginners fishing rods, advanced fishing reels, or rain gear for fishing - go no further. With our performance fishing gear, you’ll see no end to catches.