Fishing flip-flops -

Fishing Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are summer footwear with a strap between the thumb and the other four toes. The strap is most often attached with two strips on either side of the slippers closer to the heel. Fishing flip-flops are versatile footwear. They have a number of advantages: they are comfortable, lightweight, and functional.

If you are going to wear your flip-flops while fishing, it will be better to purchase the model which is made of high-quality rubber. Nowadays, designers offer plastic slippers that can withstand the effects of sea salt and sand. Moreover, they don’t slip and dry quickly. High-quality materials will prevent your feet from sweating and will eliminate irritation.

How to choose flip-flops?

1. A non-slip sole. It’s a matter of safety and personal comfort. It’s easy to slip while fishing, so the sole of the flip-flops should be anti-slip and provide reliable adhesion.

2. A non-staining surface. It is unpleasant to take off your shoes and find out that the fishing slippers have left a bright mark on your feet. 

3. An antibacterial insole. Modern manufacturers use materials that prevent the nail fungus. It is very important that the slippers do not create favorable conditions for the life of these unpleasant microorganisms.

4. A sole without piping. Some slippers have piping, which can cause discomfort. Therefore, it is better if the inner part of the sole is smooth and has a comfortable relief.

5. An abrasion resistance. The sole should not be afraid of regular wearing in hard and wet conditions. 

6. Resistance to temperature changes. You should choose only those slippers that are not afraid of temperature drops and do not crack from such tough conditions.

7. Lightness. If the slippers accidentally fall into the water, they shouldn't sink.

8. Relief texture of the insole. This is very useful for your feet. Such insoles seem to massage the feet and help improve blood circulation and stimulate the release of muscle fatigue.

We offer the best fishing flip flops that will make fishing a real pleasure. After all, this footwear provides not only comfort and style but also safety.

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