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Pack Accessories

Take your daypack or hunting pack to the next level with our collection of pack accessories and backpack storage solutions. We offer accessory pouches to transform a messy pack into a well-organized bag, waterproof phone pouches to keep your electronics safe while out in the field, and raincovers to keep your gear dry on a hiking trip. With our backpack strap accessories, you can replenish your old pack straps. You can increase your water volume with our drop-in hydration bladders and pick an attachable case to carry your firearm or bow. We also have heavy-duty wallets to hold IDs, licenses, and other items.

Transform your mediocre pack into a well-organized performance bag with the best backpack accessories.

Bag & Backpack Organizers

An organizer is an insert with multiple compartments that goes into the backpack’s main compartment. Backpacking backpacks with lots of pockets are very specialized, while most daypacks lack compartment versatility, offering one spacious compartment and a couple of smaller ones. For some people, that’s enough, but if your occupation requires carrying numerous small items - say, you’re a hiking enthusiast, a student of architecture school, a woodworker, or a person with lots of make-up supplies - you need an effective organization solution. Our organizers provide a clear overview of your belongings, so you’ll never have to bother searching inside-out through your pack.

We also carry tactical gear sets for those who appreciate a military approach to gear organization.

Leather Wallets

A shabby wallet is an embarrassment. Considering today’s cheap wallets made from nondurable materials, it’s a small wonder they wear out very quickly. Gritr Outdoors offers a selection of top-quality heavy-duty leather wallets. Not only are they extremely durable, but also stylish.

Backpack Raincovers

Most daypacks and hiking backpacks lack built-in raincovers. Check out our selection of raincovers manufactured by such industry leaders as Sitka, making top-tier hunting clothing, Tasmanian Tiger, and others.

Shop top-quality bag accessories at GRITR Outdoors.

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