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It took little time for our ancestors to understand that walking barefoot is an activity far from being pleasant. Our surroundings were and remain littered with the elements that pierce, bruise or harm our feet in any other way. That is where footwear kicks in. Even though the most ancient pair of boots, discovered in a cave in Oregon, dates back to 7000-8000 BCE, it doesn’t mean people hadn’t been using footwear before that time. People wearing sandals are depicted on Egyptian murals that date back even further. The thing is, all footwear was made from organic highly perishable materials, and only a few examples survived to the present day. But time marched on, and people got more inventive and came up with more types of footwear that could last longer. Modern-day’s variety of boots is unparalleled, even if you don't pay much attention to it and take it for granted. We are but a humble example of what the modern footwear industry has become. 

As you can guess, we are an outdoor goods store, not a footwear outlet. For that reason, we deal in footwear designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, be it hunters, anglers, or sports pursuers. Even the pickiest game chasers will find our extensive collection of hunting footwear worthy of their consideration. Having quite a few hunters among our ranks, we know what a hunter truly needs and spare no effort to keep finding brands that can meet those requirements. We have boots for all hunting seasons and environments, so whatever it is you are looking for, we probably have it. You can find the boots produced by such brands as Dryshod, Garmont Tactical, and several others. 

If you are an avid angler, our selection of fishing footwear is sure to pique your interest. Gritr Outdoors can boast a wide range of footwear for fishing in any environment, be it a summer seaside or cold expanses of a frozen lake. We have footwear from the industry’s leading brands like Korkers and Gill.

To all fellow sports enthusiasts, avid or amateur, we present our sport footwear collection. Designed for comfort and performance, every pair will make for a trusty companion on your sporting journey. We have loads of footwear for men and women, outdoor enthusiasts, and regular style admirers. For the latter, we have a whole category that includes casual footwear, like slippers, shoes, moccasins, and the like.