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Casting Rods

Casting Rods

Casting Rods

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Casting fishing began to develop after convenient and reliable multiplier reels had appeared on the market, which were originally put on ordinary spinning rods. 

The first thing that distinguishes a casting rod from other rods is the appearance of its handle. It is equipped with a small projection for convenience. Another difference is that it is used as an inverted spinning rod with the rings up. This allows the fisherman to have better control over the lure by touching it with his finger.

Types of Casting Rods

A casting rod is classified the same way as a spinning rod. According to the line rating, rods are divided into light, medium, and heavy. For some anglers the main types are not suitable, that’s why we have intermediate options such as medium-light and medium-heavy. 

The length of the rod depends mainly on the method of fishing and the location of fishing. Casting rods are designed from 5ft to 9ft in length.

The action of a rod is a very important parameter.

  • Fast action. Such models are suitable for fishing in different conditions. The majority of anglers use them while fishing on fast streams.
  • Moderate-fast action. They are very convenient and versatile. It is also interesting that such rods are used for various types of fishing techniques.
  • Moderate action. They are used with light lures. These rods are flexible, and at the same time offer a good degree of stiffness.
  • Slow action. Rods are designed for anglers who make short casts.

The leader in the production of rods is ST.Croix Rod, which also produces special reels. The American brand uses premium quality materials. At the same time, ST.Croix casting rods are a good option for beginners. 

13 Fishing is a manufacturer of rods, which are made of high-quality Japanese graphite. We have casting rods of the popular brand on sale.

We can also provide fishing rods from such a popular manufacturer as TFO. Their goal is to provide fishermen with rods that meet their needs. The brand has found a balance between performance and price.