Snowboard Accessories -

Snowboard Accessories

A quality snowboard is quite an investment. And if you’ve got attached, it’s your friend now. That’s why it’s essential to take care of your snowboard to maintain its gliding qualities and, generally, keep it in good shape for as long as possible. At GRITR Outdoors, you can fully gear up for your snowboard care session - we have everything, from the best snowboard wax kits (like those from Swix) to brushes, snowboard edge tuners, and rubber stones. Also, check out our snowboarding gear.

How to care for a snowboard?

Snowboard tuning has three steps: base repair, edge tuning, and snowboard waxing. During snowboard repair, you need to remove extra base material with a scraper, brush off debris, remove old wax from pores using snowboard base cleaner, and fill scrapes with P-Tex.

How to sharpen snowboard edges?

Snowboard edge sharpening (tuning) is the process of removing rust and burrs that cause drag. Start with filing rough spots using a wetted diamond stone. Use the base as a guide and move slowly. Then, remove minor rust with a gummy stone. Repeat the procedure on the side edges. Apply rubbing alcohol at the end.

How to wax a snowboard?

Prepare the base with rubbing alcohol. Heat snowboard waxing iron up and drip a zigzag line of snowboard wax from tip to tail. Spread it with the iron until it reaches the edges. Scrape excessive wax off with a plastic scraper and brush.

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